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Why we can not control shipping time?

As consumers, we have all experienced the frustration of eagerly awaiting a package only to be disappointed when it arrives later than expected. We often blame the company or carrier for delays, but the truth is, there are many factors that affect shipping times, many of which are beyond our control.

  1. Weather conditions

The uncertainty of the marine environment is an important factor. Even if a vessel is well planned and prepared before departure, it can still encounter unforeseen circumstances that can delay the sailing time. Examples include wind and waves in winter and the stormy season.

  1. Delays in cargo production

Mostly, suppliers provide the shipper with a date when the production of their goods is supposed to be finished. Then, the shipper plans the transportation accordingly. However, often the shipper forgets to add a buffer for such potential delays. This can again result in a delay for the overall transport.

  1. Incorrect documentation

Not having proper documents and paperwork can lead to delays throughout the shipping process, from leaving the port of origin, to clearing customs, to arriving at the shipping destination. Such as missing paperwork, inaccurate content description of goods and missing exoprt license.

  1. Customs Inspection

Customs inspections are extensive and will examine everything from the quality and quantity of the goods themselves to the identification of the consignee. When goods are exported from China and declared to Customs, if they are inspected by China Customs, they might not be able to catch up the scheduled shipment; when goods are imported into Australia and inspected by Australian Customs, the process can take days or even weeks.

  1. Port congestion

When a vessel arrive at ports, then you need to queue up to unload the goods. During off seasons, it may only take 2 days to unload the goods, but during peak seasons, it may take 3~5 days or even about 7 days.

  1. Martime workers’ Strike

Since early October in various ports, related rolling work stoppages have occurred  including in Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, and Sydney. The latest action has disrupted cargo deliveries with unloading delays of up to 6 days. Further goods transport delays are likely, potentially exacerbating supply chain disruptions. Localized transport disruptions to freight services are possible even after the strike ends.

  1. Failed delivery attempt

Taking the spotlight off of courier companies, it may be the cause behind a failed delivery attempt if there was no one there to receive the package.If an attempt has been made to deliver the package, the driver will have to move on to pending orders to avoid delays.  The fact is they usually have a fixed amount of time to wait for an answer (hint: it’s very short).


In summary, while we may not be able to control shipping times, there are still steps we can take to help ensure our packages arrive in a timely manner. By considering factors that may affect shipping times and taking proactive steps to plan ahead and select reliable carriers, we can help minimize delays and improve our overall shipping experience.

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