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Congratulations Austway’s Melbourne Warehouse Approved for Customs Bounded Warehouse Qualification

Austway’s Melbourne warehouse was approved by the government customs to be listed and officially upgraded intoa regulatory warehouse on 14th,Dec, 2023  .This is Austway’s second local customs bonded warehouse in Australia, further upgrading back-end clearing and dispatching services.

Melbourne warehouse opened in 2023,about 4000 square meters ,which located in Melbourne’s most concentrated and largest logistics hub, adjacent to major retail, logistics, e-commerce center warehouse,with complete warehouse facilities,  can meet  all cargo’s warehousing needs , and better provide cross-border sellers with a full range of logistics and warehousing services.What are the advantages of customs bonded warehouse over regular warehouses?

Compared with ordinary warehouses, what are the advantages of customs bonded warehouses?

Bonded warehouse can store goods that have completed customs export procedures, provide bonded logistics distribution, and provide circulation value-added services.

Bonded warehouse can check goods information at the first time ,no matter goods release or not, We can unpack the container on time .if goods has inspection and other issues can be the first time to understand the situation of inspection, feedback to the customer real cargo information, does not affect unpack time. After goods release , it can be carried out directly on the back end of the delivery service  to ensure that the customer can be the first to understand the situation of the transportation of goods.

Ordinary customs clearance mode to the port needs to customs bonded warehouse customs clearance and unpack the containers,if inspection, need to wait in line for the customs bonded warehouse processing, processing before allowing the container to pull back to the overseas warehouse to dismantle the container, greatly increasing the time limit for the transportation of goods.

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